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Selena Griffin

Marketer in WordPress



Selena Griffin

Digital marketing professional with extensive experience taking advantage of commercial opportunities based on WordPress websites.


Marketing expert directed through social networks, campaigns and promotions adapted to the business strategy, with WordPress Growthacking protocols.

  • Freelance Available
  • Residence España
  • Location Villariezo, Burgos
  • Loved word SEM
WordPress Marketing Skills
WordPress Mailing Marketing

News and email campaigns adapted to each business. Recruitment of new clients and loyalty of problems with exclusive content and materials of commercial interest.

Growth hacking in WordPress

Marketing techniques and tools adapted to achieve growth objectives in a short time. Global content dissemination campaigns and mass lead generation.

WordPress Stats Tracing

Study and analysis of web statistics to find usability patterns and business opportunities. Integration with SEO and SEM tools to maximize the effectiveness of campaigns.

WordPress SEM

Integration of paid advertising campaigns with the web platform. Study of the performance and effectiveness of each ad and optimization of delivery channels and content.

WordPress Marketing Tools
  • Digital marketing (AdSense, Media.Net, AdPushup...)
  • Social media marketing
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Growth Hacking Marketing Plans
  • Website Traffic Control

Plaza Mayor n.5 09195 Villariezo, Burgos. España

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