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Nick Hawk

Security Expert in WordPress


New Zealand

Nick Hawk

Expert in developing security protocols on WordPress platforms. Good programming and core WordPress knowledge to optimize the code.


Prevention of attacks and hacks of the web through advanced security strategies.

  • Freelance Available
  • Residence USA
  • Address Santa Maria
  • Loved Word Balance
WordPress Security Skills
Extreme Security

Custody of sensitive organization data through security and encryption protocols. Prevention of attacks and hacks of the web to keep internal records safe.

Hacking Attempts Analysis

Study of suspicious traffic in real time. Automated blocking of robots and hackers. Blacklists and monitoring of irregular activities.

Real Time Monitoring

Inclusion of surveillance tools to find server errors and alert page crashes. User control to block unwanted administrator users.

Inputs and Forms Scan

Comprehensive control of the information on the page by third parties. Security in login, registration forms or comments through specific tools.

Tools for WordPress Security
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Securized Inputs and Forms
  • Google REcaptcha
  • SPAM detection
  • Comments Security

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